Physician Dispensing

Improved Efficiency for A Better Bottom Line

MedPath has the expertise and experience to provide complete management services including but not limited to dispensing out of office. If you are considering starting to dispense out of office or are currently dispensing out of your office and feel that the process could run more effectively and efficiently; then consider the MedPath Billing Management Program. Our goal is to provide you with the foundation of a dedicated and experienced staff that can help you better manage your office based dispensing. MedPath’s team of dedicated experts will provide ongoing best in class compliant marketing and management services.

MedPath does not provide legal advice. Nothing contained in MedPath, Inc. materials or any supplied materials constitutes legal advice.

  • Licensing
  • Growth potential studies
  • Purchasing
  • Pharmacy regulatory consulting
  • Billing / Collections
  • Whatever your business and operational needs are, we can fulfill it for you.

Whatever your business and operational needs are, we can fulfill it for you.

MedPath offers qualified physicians a turnkey solution when dispensing to both workers compensation and non-workers compensation patients as well as a much needed source to be certain your patients are following your prescription protocol by providing your office with Drug Toxicology testing.

Highlights of the program include:

  • MedPath receives transmissions from physician offices in order to bill on behalf of physicians that are part
    of the MedPath, Inc. Billing Management Program
  • MedPath generates paper bills and sends them to the proper insurance carriers or attorneys for Worker’s Compensation and auto insurance claims
  • MedPath reconciles inventory for physician offices
  • MedPath creates a ledger for all outstanding bills
  • MedPath provides additional support documentation for insurance agency claims
  • MedPath works directly with doctor offices to gather additional information needed by insurance companies to process claims
  • MedPath reviews state regulations regarding the necessary documentation for personal injury and Worker’s Compensation claims.